Women Over 50...This is for YOU

Are You Challenged by a Medical Condition... Feeling Frustrated, Overwhelmed or Stressed Out... Because You Can't Find the Right help? 

Don't let muscle, joint, or pelvic health problems stop you from living a Kick-Ass Life.

There is only so much time, what will YOU do with it?

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"5-Steps to Create a Kick-Ass Life"

You will:

  • Discover your untapped wisdom

  • Awaken your intuition

  • See the possibilities that come from shifting your perspective

  • Gain confidence in prioritizing your health

  • Learn a 5-Step process to bring you back to what matters


About Your Coach


Kim Bright

Kim partners with women 50+ to find natural solutions for muscle, joint, and pelvic health problems so they can live a ‘kick ass’ life.

As a health coach, consultant and licensed physical therapist, Kim helps women feel empowered, confident and secure in their bodies. She is a published author of two self-care books and co-founder of Creative Women in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.


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5-Steps to Create A Kick-Ass Life

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